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Am i stupid in love??

Ok so i have a boyfriend who's a little older than me. He lives in the US and I live in the Caribbean. He makes frequent trips back home because he's originally from here. We've been together 7 months now. My parents don't like him. We first met through my bestfriend who is his cousin. He dropped so many lines on me but i wasn't paying him any mind because I thought his cousin wouldn't approve. However, his cousin (my bestfriend) came up to me and starved dropping lines for him and painting a good picture of him to me. So i happily went for him!

Later on in the relationship...... My bestfriend came and started telling me all kinds of things about him. things like he's married with 2 kids living in the states. So i did some research and found out that he had a girlfriend over there but she left him because she found out about me. I was so torn up.... i went into a state of depression. I was really into this guy. So he went home then came back and we decided to work it out.

He keeps accusing me of cheating. He's always searching through my phone. When unknown numbers text me he gets all mad and tells me all sorts of hurtful things like "Why didn't you tell me you're still f**king him" or "I need to make a choice on one guy and stop playing games". I asked him if he thinks i'm the type of chick to cheat and he said he really doesn't know. the next thing that bothers me is that he tells me all kinds of things when he gets angry because of people texting and calling me and by the next day he calls me all sweet and tells me he loves me.

I love this guy so much. he recently took my virginity. I am so stuck on him. I've never loved someone like this. Every time he tells me things it hurts me to my soul because i really do love him and have no time muchless the drive to cheat! What do you think..... What should i do??? I'm really out of my element and I don't know what to think or do.
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i dont think it will matter what anybody says to you right now..your name is growing up ignorance so i think for you to use that kind of says it all...deep down.you have such a life to live..dont let this man overcome you and take away your happiness and youth..be strong and know your better..listen to  your friends.have fun with your friends and forget about this using loser...either way..what ever you decide..one day you will look back and wish you never met him...its a case of whether you want to prolong the agony of putting up with him in your life...wish u all the best x
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We all thought we were in love at 17, it's usually only puppy love that doesn't last.  But this doesn't really matter, what does is how this guy treats you!  Think about what you want and deserve in life and I'm sure it's not this!  You have so much living to do before settling down with one guy and especially with one who is so disrespectful. When someone lives in another country they can do anything...even marry and have kids and you would never know.  Would you want this man to be the father of your children and setting this type of example for them?  No, you wouldn't.  He treats you badly now and this will only get worse with time.  He's toying with you and your emotions, kick him to curb before he strips you of all self respect and confidence.  He accuses you of cheating because he does, and he is immature and insecure.  Never allow a man to speak to you or treat you disrespectfully....you're better than that!  Take Lisabob1's advice and enjoy your youth, you will eventually meet the right guy who will love and respect you.....for now have fun and set your standards high where guys are concerned.  Take care.
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thanks you guys. i'm going to take your advice and wash this man right out of my hair and send him on his way. it's going to be difficult but i got to do it. thanks again :)
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Yes,I am sure it wil be a hard time for you.There will be tears and you will probably ask yourself, "How did I ever fall for him"? There is 1 thing I am sure of... The people here at MedHelp are here for you. Take care and God Bless.      Madlyn
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huni..i love your response..wash that man right outta your hair..an send him bloody packing..live and love your life xxx
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