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Loss of a classmate

This past october 4 kids in my class at school were in a horrible accident. the driver, my boyfriends best friend (practically brother) died.  All i can think about is how earlier that day after school got out, before sports, me and my boyfriend were sitting on a rock and heard a bunch of ambulences in the distance and we said to eachother "wow this must be horrible" then 2 lifestar helicopters flew by and we were wondering what happened. A few hours later from a distance i saw my boyfriend fall to the ground and start ripping out the grass. I knew just then something happened to cody. He was recessitated once and started breathing but then out of no where he died again. He truely was the nicest and friendliest guy i knew. I know everyone says that but seriously...everyone knew cody...he was friends with everyone...it was especially sad because i go to a really small school and the next day at school all the teachers and students were just crying and screaming all day. I cry a lot about this and feel very sad, and i wasnt even all so close to him. I cant imagine what my boyfriend is going through.  I wish i could say something to make all the pain go away but i know i cant.  How can i truely help him? I feel like im helpless.
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When someone looses someone there is nothing you can do or say to make the pain go away. All you can do is be there. Be there when he feels like screaming be there when he feels like crying just be there! And eventually time will heal the deep wound that your bf is feeling. Just remember to not take anything too personally right now, everyone grieves in their own way and no way is wrong. I remember when my g-pa died there was nothing no one could do. The only thing that helped was for the people that I love most to be there for me. And encourage him to talk about it because sometimes that helps. I'm sorry you are having to go though this... *hugs*
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Just stay by, hold him if he cries, and remember that time is the only thing that heals.
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