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The loss of my 3 month old Niece

This is something I never thought I would have to face in life. Is watching my sister going through one of the worst pain anyone can go through. She is one of those people against putting your baby in bed with you when you fall asleep and has always asked her Significant Other not to put her in bed with them after he feeds her in the middle of the night when it was his turn. She woke up in bed with her baby girl's lifeless body laying in between them. Her face was blue!, She said and she screamed and didn't know how to react. The ambulance came and even brought her back but obviously God wanted to keep her....She keeps saying shes done with life and she screams and cries herself to sleep every night. I don't know how to make my sister happy and its killing me deeply inside because I don't want her to hurt anymore. How do I talk to my sister to get out and do things to keep her mind off things? I just want her to be a happy person again. :(
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Hi ItsAmberDawn.

It must be a very traumatic experience for her, her significant other and of course the entire family.
I cannot imagine her pain, specially under the circumstances you described.

The only thing I can suggest for you to say to her, is that whatever comes from your heart and your soul, will be good.
She will definitely need some Grief counselling to help her move on, but first she needs some time alone. She needs these emotions to flow through her, whatever they are. Anger, Guilt, Blame, Devastation, Hopelessness, Sadness, Hysteria,Shock, Desperation whatever she's feeling.
By letting those emotions get expressed, whether
it's by crying or screaming or any other way, at the end it's much healthier, than shoving those emotions deeper, putting a smiley face on and going back to what we may call a normal life. As a matter of fact normal may never exist for her any more.
What might help her in the long run, is something that she will find highly purposeful, such as starting a support group for mothers that had similar experiences, losing a child at such a young age!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.
I will pray that God will give all of you the strength and the wisdom to endure this and also to help you reflect upon the notion that her baby is gone from the physical form of life to the Spirit form.
I'm presently working on helping people establish contact with loved ones you have passed on.
This is a very sacred Spiritual communication, that is not only real, but extremely enlightening, as it helps us realize that our physical form is only
temporary for learning (usually through pain and suffering) and redemption purposes before graduating to the next, higher Spirit level.
I have had communications with my mom and my younger brother who passed on just last year. Life "up there" is the life of pure Light, if you can imagine that. It's all Blissful!

Many Blessings and God Bless You!
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Wow, thanks so much Niko. Can you please explain and teach me how you can reach loved ones who had passed on? That's very interesting and I want to know about my Grandma and her sister(My Aunt Cookie) who has also passed on recently. I would love to have communications with my family who has passed. My Grandma was and is a parent to me. She basically raised me and my sisters on her own! I miss her very much. And I would love to hear how my loved ones are doing on the other side.
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Omg sorry. .
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Hey ItsAmberDawn.

I haven't really thought about doing online teaching and facilitation,
in regards to Spirit contact.
Hmm, I will give it some serious consideration, as I like to take on challenging situations (in our mind) and making them work with Ease and Effortlessly!

Firstly, I must forewarn you that such an endeavor  is Life altering !!!
-You will become more Aware of how the Universe works.
-Eliminate your fear of death.
-Increase your level of loving yourself and others.
- Develop great intuition.
- Raise your consciousness substantially.
-Tap into the Wisdom of the collective unconscious.
-Protect yourself from unwanted energies and forces.

Since this takes place in the right brain -the creative and intuitive side of our brain- there a few things that you can consider doing, in order to
prepare yourself.
Meditation is instrumental in establishing a communication platform,
free from the usual mental "noise" of our thinking, where lowered brain activity and absence of critical thinking and judgement, allow for tapping into greater wisdom and power from the universe.
One of my favorite Spiritual Teachers is Sonia Choquette, who has numerous YouTube video clips with her teachings and meditations.
Why don't you check a few of them out and get a sense of what is involved.
My inner feeling is that your curiosity will soon translate into a warm sacred loving experience, which will mark the beginning of truly Awakening your Soul and your Spirit and leading a life of unlimited potential.

Let me know.
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hi huni...im so so sorry for your loss...there is no easy answer..and i wont lie.it gets harder before it gets easier..and it takes time..a lot of time...when they say time is a healer its true...not that it heals..it just lessens the pain..patience and support is what your sister needs..i know that through personal experience...be there for each other..because feeling alone is the worst feeling x
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