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how to comfort someone who stumbled apond a baby who had died?

My boyfriend works crime scene cleanups/damages etc..tonight he went for routine job at night, in a house w no power. He smelled death but had to continue thru the house. He saw what he thought was a baby doll just laying in the living room floor..about 8-9month old. He said it'd been dead so long he didn't kno the race or gender! I've never seen him this up set & he does a lot of horrible cases. He said bc he didn't kno made it even worse..the couriner used a trash bag to take the baby..not even a body bag. Idk how to comfort him except listen..I feel so helpless..need advice for me & him!
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this sounds so sad omg.... i think the best thing is what you are already doing - listening.. its hard to comfort the one you care about in a position like this also for yourself, you just continue to be there for him. what you're doing is helpful so dont feel helpless..
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Thanks so much..sorry its taken so long to respond. He seems to be doing better. He still has problems with it..esp talking about babies, children who even get hurt. It takes him right back...so its hard for him. But he has to keep doing this job never knowing what may be there when he gets to the job site. But they found out it was the baby's dad who called about the house being abandoned which is sad bc obviously he knew no one would find out and he may have thought someone could have saved it. (but it had been dead way to long) thanks for your advice~
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I had a son that died 3 years ago. He was only 9 days old. He was misdiagnosed at the hospital. Was told he had acid reflux 4 days later past away. Autopsy say acute pneumonia. It is very hard to get over such a thing. You will always remember . I remember like yesterday. I am only 19 an went through this. Best thing to do is to talk about it. It will be hard but its a lot of weight off your chest.
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Hi psychdegree. I'm happy to see that your BF is slowly getting better, however, there are 2 areas of concern.
1. The PTSD-like effect form his experience.
2. The ongoing risk of encountering traumatic situations.

PSTD  conventional therapy is not effective enough to my opinion.
Energy Medicine based psychotherapy- usually scorned by professional
associations and most of their professional members and MDs- are much more effective with visible and measurable results in shorter time.
The are ways to protect oneself form any possible threat in the Energy field.
Energy Psychotherapists, EFT Practitioners etc.  should be able to
facilitate inner balance and optimum energy flow, to address both the aforementioned concerns successfully.
Should you need more details let me know.

nin1231. I'm so sorry for your loss. At any age it is a very severe event to overcome. Did you get any grief counseling for that?
One thing that may comfort you, is to know that he is an Angel.
He left this Life and entered the Spirit Life with No emotional baggage,
in total Peace & Joy! He cannot communicate this with you. Communication with a grieving parent is very difficult, so they usually do it with the help of advanced spirits or guides.
Why am I telling you this?
I'm very connected to the Spirit world and the Afterlife.
From very young, growing up with the presence of spirits around me, as my mom was so much into this. I never questioned it and that's how this gift to me endured and survived.
It's nice to know who walks besides you every step of the way on your chosen Path.
If you haven't read the book "Growing up in Heaven" by James Van Praagh,
please consider it. If you have limited or no knowledge/experience in this
field, this would be a true eye opener!
When I read it the first time, it was confirming many things that I always knew, yet all the inspiring real parent/child stories, made a remarkable lasting impression on me.
Please give my message enough consideration, as it may be a link
to better understanding life on the other side.

Blessings to all!

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