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loss of a child

My son wad born on 2/6/15 and sadly passed on 2/19/15. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with having another child after the loss of a child.
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I'm so sorry for ur loss!! My thoughts and prayers are with u and ur family.
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I'm so sorry. I can't imagine your pain!! If you don't mind answer this what happend? If you don't want to answer don't. Agine so sorry
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My cousin had a daughter she passed the same day, it was devastating even for me. But she had a great support system and as time went by she got pregnant again and has 2 kids now after that loss. My prayer goes out to u im sorry for ur loss.
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so sorry for ur loss im sure soon enough God will bless u with another...
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It's hard at first, but it will slowly get better. I got pregnant again 6 months after my loss.
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I'll pray for you. :(
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Sorry for your loss! When ever your ready to try again, go for it. Listen to your heart, it will happen! Don't give up!
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I lost my son march 11 2014 due to a genetic condition I carry he was born at 22 weeks still born it was crushing and life changing my husband and I took some time and grieved but really it's not something you ever get over you just gotta make it through. We tried again 4 months later and had to do genetic testing to make sure this was a healthy pregnancy it was terrifying waiting for results after a loss constantly thinking something could happen again but we now have a beautiful healthy baby girl born April 5 2015. Trying again can be hard but give your self the time you need and when you feel ready try again I know it's not easy but nothing ever worth it is
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Im sorry for your loss
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Sorry for the loss of your precious baby.
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It might be helpful to reach out to grieving parents  groups online or through facebook.
There is also a group on my son's webpage.
Good luck and please find a group - it will help you to talk to many who are going through the same thing.
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