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Anyone else's husband having pregnancy symptoms?

Our significant others don't always get off as easy as we think sometimes they too get symptoms of pregnancy.  Be sure to share your partner's pregnancy symptoms here :D
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My husband started having urges for bologna with our first son, which was what I was craving.  The fatigue always seems to hit him too not to mention morning sickness.  He was right with me on having ginger ale to settle my stomach.
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this made me LOL yes, my man is definately suffering the mood swings + tiredness and wanting sympathy (i believe he gets period mood swings) He has gotten bouts of sickness and been more prone to catching flu + getting infections. I have known him 4 years and in all this time i never even heard him cough but he seems more ill than me since the start of the year. his dad always got the morning sickness when his mum was expecting. i think its like the equivalent of man flu, where if enough sympathy is given they are healed.. shame i havent had much sympathy to give these past few months lol i think these are sympathy related ie when a couple is so close they tend to become the one person. with our daughter i was so ill and he got all the cravings, this time around it seems i get the joys, im glad the world is balanced again lol
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My husband doesn't necessarily have symptoms, but he does enjoy that he can get away with eating pretty much whatever he wants.  When I am not pregnant, I only buy "Angela approved" food - like minimal junk food - and we don't go out for fast food and such.  But, when I am pregnant, anything is go - especially if I am craving something - so he enjoys getting away with eating whatever he wants, too.  :-)
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rotfl oh these stories are great and yes superchoc, I know when I am due for the month because my husband starts getting mood swings and self conscious the week before lol, I always check the calendar and like clockwork I know what time it's going to be soon.  He even gets a little backache too.

I don't know if this happens with any of you or not but when I first get pregnant and I am in my first trimester, my vision gets blurry, he had this happen with him too.  He also gets pregnant brain where he gets "foggy."  I have to crack up every time, because yeah you are dealing with your own symptoms and your hubby has his own too, lol
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My wife is pregnant with twins and I get mood swings and I can control it yes I tend to crave fifteenth foods even foods she like that ill never eat I always beloved in it wen ur partner is pregnant that u will have simptoms also. That is very true I vomit alot and don't feel good also. Last week my tooth hurt more than it ever did in my entire life and just small things here and there that I never experienced.  I belive in it I felt it and I'm living it. Also my wife has been having the craziest mood swings were she don't want me around is that normal? I would love to know and she seems to be though and me emotional I don't know I wish I can get an answers for that
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