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Ovarian Mass

Hi Dr

Can you explain the findings of my pelvic ultrasound I am unsure of the terminology.
Large Complex mass measuring 148x89x128mm within the Pouch of Douglas. Containing both solid and cystic components with Papillary Inclusions seen.  Is this cyst larger than normal would it be considered malignant potential.
Kind Regrds April
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I am sorry to say that the report doesn't sound good!  If I saw this report, I would be extremely concerned about the possibility of a cancer in the ovary.  What they are seeing is a grapefruit sized "baloon" filled with fluid and also containing solid tissue that looks kind of like broccoli (best way I can describe it).

If you were my patient, I would send you to a Gynecologic Oncologist tomorrow.  Make sure you get a specialist in gynecologic cancers, as if it is cancer, having a surgery done by a specialist (as opposed to a general gynecologist) will improve the prognosis.
They are the most skilled surgeons, and there is no downside to having your surgery done by a specialist even if it isn't cancer.  I certainly hope it isn't!

Good luck!
Don't wait!
Dr B
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Hi Dr Brown
My  large Pelvic Mass was removed  surgically TAH/BSO/OMENTECTOMY.  Pathology revealed Endometroid Adenocarcinoma. Staged 1A   Para aortic  nodes negative.  I will receive regular monitoring   this will include pelvic examination CA125with no requriement for chemotherapy. Would this be practice within the USA, what follow up would be given. I live in Cyprus but I am British.  Thankyou for your kind advice I have been told it is very rare to catch Ovarian  cancer this early i am so lucky .  Thankyou once more  Regards April

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