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Strange Period?

I am 31 yrs old, married (husband is fixed), I'm on no meds or birth control, I have 5 children (4 vaginal births, 1 c-section), last birth was 4 yrs ago. I've had no history or female problems except imbalance of hormones. And there is no family history of female problems. I am also 70 pounds overweight and have lower back pain all the time. I've had no signs of ovulation for months, so I'm not sure I've been ovulating. I also have a terrible unhealthy diet. And I have severe anxiety/panic attacks/depression, to the point of being homebound, and have for years. I have no medical insurance. And I stay stressed out and exhausted.
Here is my concern, for the past couple months I've had alot of spotting (mainly after bowel movements, when ovulation should occur, or when I'm about to start a period and discharge (light brownish or clear watery). Although that did not concern me too much, I figured my hormones were messed up, along with stress and diet playing a role.
What did scare me is I was due a period on July 5th, that day I spotted a little and felt a small gush, went to the bathroom and their was a small clot (quarter size) and bright red blood, but nothing alarming. I figured it was my period, but it went away. A week later, I was spotting dark red all day again and that night I felt a huge gush, I went to the bathroom and bright red blood was everywhere, but it was very watery. It was as if someone turned on a faucet, it was running down my leg, all over my underwear, my shorts, some more in the potty...but only lasted a few minutes and slowed down to spotting red again. About an hour later, a small gush again but that was more like my normal heavy period day, but lasted again for just a few minutes, and then I went back to spotting red. And I was fine, I spotted dark red the next day and it ended. I've never done that before, so of coarse, it threw me into panic and obsessing.
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If you were my patient, I would want to see you soon!  I would want to do a complete exam and pap smear.  I would probably also want to do an ultrasound to check the lining of the uterus.  Depending upon what the results showed, I would very likely prescribe Provera for 10-14 days.  This has the effect of cleaning the lining out of your uterus.  When women ovulate irregularly, the lining tends to build up, and eventually cause problems.

Even though you don't have insurance, it would be very good to get this checked out now.  If you wait for months, it could possibly become cancerous, and would then require expensive surgery.   If you get checked now, there's a pretty good chance you can avoid that!

Good luck!
Dr B
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Again, Also I forgot to say I have Eczema covering the outside of my vagina. I was thinking that was why I was having all the smelly, watery, leaking/discharge.
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My husband and I haven't had intercourse in atleast 6 months. In case that matters.
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