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HCg Recipe - P2 Talapia Salad Tacos and Cinnamon Apples

Don't we all know that when you are limited in a P2 Protocol that we can have some issues making the same food everyday.  This is a variation of the Talapia and Apple lunch or dinner.  First let me say that this Fish Salad contains one boiled egg white (Rouge) and home made mustard spice in Waldon Farms dressing (Rogue).  Cook the Talapia, add the egg and dressing to consistency desired, place inside a Loose Leaf Lettus.  100 grams of Talapia cooked and shreaded should make two to three tacos.  As a side to this meal, I have shreaded one Fugi Apple (medium) and sprinkled two spices on them.  I use cinnamon and apple pie spice.  I also sqeeze a little lemon over the apple so that the spice mind melds to the apple...I love when it mind melds.  * as a final thought...you can get spices any where but I order from Penzys because they have the best and freshes spices in the world.  We have one close to our home in Pittsburgh at the Strip District and you get to smell all the spices before you buy them.  I really like this for lunch.
Bon Appetit
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The Mustered recipe has been posted.  You may want to check that out.  I use it on a lot of stuff.
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I like tilapia but I can only get the fish from China can you get any form the US ?
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I get Talapia from my local Wal Mart or Krogers
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