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Anxious... hiv... please help

Dear Doctor
I am 32,male. I had protected sex with Chinese MP/escort girl 4 weeks and 4 days ago. She pulled the condom on my dick using her mouth, sucked for 2min, softly, didn’t feel any teeth so probably it didn’t damage the condom. I noticed strange things when started having vaginal sex – I found a piece of folded paper towel in her underwear.Later I noticed that she had some white discharge. Sex was hurting her. She told me that this is because my dick’s length, but I don’t think so. She didn’t allow me to touch her ****.
I came into the condom after20min. Then I found the condom slightly red with some whitish discharge on it–I guess it was menstrual blood.
Seeing the blood I started to remove it carefully, drying my dick in parallel. Then I went to bathroom, washed it with shampoo, then pulled the skin back and rinsed from inside. Everything was fine until 4 days ago. No STD sign. 4 days ago, after 4th week, I felt a sharp pain under my hand at night, trying to turn on my hand. At the morning I found one big and one small bump in armpit. It was not close to my chest, upper. It was hurting, and was hard to move my hand. I had burning pain, touching to my skin, I felt like there is a scratch after shaving my armpit. However, I hadn’t shaved it. Ball was about 4-5mm, and another was close, much smaller. My towel is pretty rough and it may also be because of it. The ball was not very hard and not soft, I felt it kind of contacting to my skin from inside and was moving with it. I also found my skin a litle red around it. I pulled several hair on that and found the roots black. Hair from other areas had white root. Small bump disappeared after 2nd day. 3rd day the big one became a little bigger, but stopped hurting from afternoon. Today is 4th day and I see it became much smaller – it is not hurting. I feel anxious, paranoid. want to know what is the risk of this encounter,specifically for getting HIV or Syphilis, do I need to go for testing? Thank you
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I can't see any route of infection here - I certainly can't see how your collection of aches and pains can be related to this encounter.

Menstrual blood is red. You describe white discharge which you say is menstrual blood so I can't really understand that.

The fact is that you had protected sex and so will not have HIV or an STD as a result.

you should relax about this

kind regards, Sean
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Doctor, please reply. I always feel that my face is burning and I have temperature. But I don't have actually. At least it is not higher that 37C...
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I'm 30 year old male.i used to go to massage parlours and get a massage and a hand job every now and then. Last July I was tested for hiv and was negative. Later in the year I got a cold/cough and the cold went away but cough lasted for a long time(3 months). After taking an inhaler for about a month cough went away. I recently got pins and needles feeling on my feet and hands/body sometimes. I also got night sweat couple of nights while my feet and legs were having burning sensation. Dr gave me tests including HIV. I never had penetrative sex with anyone other than my wife for the past 11 years. Only went to massage parlours and got hand jobs. What are my chances of having HIV? Can I get HIV from thongs like handjobs? I have had lasting cough(which is no longer there and didn't have any fever or anything like that), neuropathy, and also pins /needles/burning on my legs which are all HIV symptoms. Am I safe? I'm so scared. Please help with any information. Thanks
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