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HIV after Broken Condom?


I am male 34y old.

I had picked up a female CSW in Singapore, it was one of the expensive escort girl type places not a street worker.

She was from Venezuela South america, she was pretty and had silicon implants. She said she is in Singapore since one week.

I took her to my hotel room and we had I had vaginal intercourse with her.

The sex was long and intense with some brief pauses. All with one condom

After the last pause, I entered again and she noticed that the condom was broken. I removed it and my full tip was exposed and I changed my condom, however I didnt not wash my penis. After that we did not have any vaginal intercourse anymore, We finished Oral with condom.

She seemed not overly worried when it happened, however she put on a new condom for Oral sex. Not sure if I have asked her for it. Also as stupid as i am I did not ask her any questions, she ordered a taxi and left.... and as I said, seemed not really worried.

After she left I showered and washed my Penis with some light alcohol

2 days after I took a long haul flight to Europe and afterwards I felt bad, from day 4/5 approximately, a sore throat, a fever (37-38 degrees) and overall feeling weak, after, that kept on for at least a week or two, I cannot remember. After 3 weeks I had a rash but it looked more fungal, flat not fluid inside, not really itching, about 10 - 20 spots on my chest and they disappeared after after 4 days but keep on coming back, usually evenings

I am extremely worried, I cant focus and lost 2kg of weight.

My main worry is if she was HIV positive and came to Singapore to earn money because at home she couldn't and since its a week she might have been just recently infected with high viral level... I am totally paranoid....

Now on the 24th day and I am going to have a test, not sure if its a Duo test (German)

Can you advise me your opinion how accurate the test will be and what you think of the symptoms?
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The symptoms are vague, too early for HIV symptoms and I think just due to anxiety on your part.

Testing at 24 days will give you reassurance but I would strongly suggest you either wait or repeat it at 28 days for most clarity. If that test is negative then you can forget it.

kind regards, Sean
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Wait until day 28 and then take the duo test, as that is recommendation in UK - for a reason.
If I would be on your place I would also at the same day take a pcr test.

If both turn negative, then you can consider yourself lucky and will just need to return at day 90 to retest one more time - but results will most likely be the same.

Make sure to make your prayers that things turn out ok...
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