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HIV worried

Dr. Sean, can you help me?

I had a girlfriend who test right before had me. She made a 4th generation exam as routine because she only had a boyfriend for about 3 years who tested to donate blood (negative too). After that she only had me about 5 months after. On the week of 14 February we had an unprotected relation. At 11 weeks i've made 4th generation with p24 ant search negative. At 12 weeks rapid test negative. At 13 weeks rapid test negative. At 14 weeks another 4th generation exam and rapid test negative. I've to say that she made at 13 weeks as i begged her a rapid test (came negative). Should i be worried?

Thank you
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hello Rodrigo

No, you don't need to worry.

You are fine. You have proven that you are HIV negative. You do not need to test again,

kind regards, Sean
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I'm on panic again... my ex girlfriend that i was talking on the questions above did a felatio on 28 Th march... but nothing more... only this.. I have to count from this date? And the tests thatr i've done were... 4th generation duo with 6 weeks negative, another 4 th generation duo with 9 weeks, rapid tests with 7,8, 9, 10 weeks. She already did two tests with 1 year. (negative). I dont know if with this shorter time it is conclusive, can you help me?
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