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Hiv duo test negative at 6 weeks


I am a Portuguese male, 25 years old, and 7 weeks ago I had a sexual encounter with a Brazilian sex worker, I used a condom but it broke and we have only stopped 2 to 5 minutes after it.

Since then I have been paranoid about the possibility of being infected.

-I had a sore throat for 4 weeks (since week 2), didn't hurt but it was really red. No Fever but some muscles pain (in the chest muscle) and neck swollen nodes. No Rash.
-Yesterday I have noticed that have appeared 10 to 15 red pimples in my forehead, I don't really know if it is a rash or not.
-Today (7 weeks after exposure) I have noticed that my tongue is white and it has some red bumps in the back. (hurts a little)

HIV tests:
21 days duo test (AC 1&2+sub.O+ AG.p24)
28 days duo test (AC 1&2+sub.O+ AG.p24)
45 days duo test (AC 1&2+sub.O+ AG.p24)


STD tests (all blood tests) at 5 weeks:
Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and Syphilis > All NEGATIVE.

Is my 45 Duo test conclusive and I can move on with my life?

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I am certain you should relax now and forget about HIV from this episode.

The HIV tests have proven that you are HIV negative.

You do not need to test again for this,

kind regards, Sean
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