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Need urgent risk assessment and PEP

Very paranoid and anxious re:HIV. I  have anxiety disorder.HIV=my biggest fear.
FridayI went to a gay sex club drunk w/a friend.I didn't black out but its blurry. Some men gave me oral sex.A guy put a condom over my penis and I penetrated him briefly before pulling out, and taking condom off and stopping.Put the condom in my pocket to test later at home to make sure it was okay. He fingered me and I fingered him and I had a cuticle cut, but no bleeding.My friend rimmed me and gave me oral sex,he is HIV positive but undetectable.
I am worried that more happened that I don't remember.I am almost positive I didnt have anal sex,but what if I did and forget?I didn't give any oral sex, but am really scared I may have penetrated someone without a condom and not remember though I think I remember it all?
Went to a local clinic and lied about having a condom break.They prescribed PEP.I am taking Viread and Epivir- same drugs I took in April for getting oral sex from a poz guy. I am scared about not remembering the anal sex, should I take the AZT they gave me, too? I tried taking AZT the first time I did PEP and it made me really sick. The doctor said Viread and Epivir would be fine. Do u agree?
Y would I remember mostly everything including the anal sex but not wanting to have more and refusing other people but not unprotected anal sex?I am also wondering if the condom was on correctly when I penetrated that guy briefly. I remember feeling it on and taking it off because I didn't want to have the sex.This is where the OCD pops in,It was very brief.
If I got blown and fingered by a few guys of unknown status, and by my + undetectable friend,does that warrant PEP?
I am scared not to take the drugs.What are your suggestions?

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This is certainly ridiculous! You have either had receptive anal sex or not! If you are not sure yourself, how can advise you?  You would always know if you have been penetrated anally.  Therefore it does not sound that it happened and therefore you were not at risk.  Besides you were given medication (PEP) under a false pretence as you did not put yourself at risk anyway and you do not need to take PEP.  It is obviously up to you, but my assessment of the situation is that there was no risk to you (also your friend is positive but undetectable=not infectious) and therefore you should not take PEP.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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I should also mention I received an HIV DUO test in London from Dr. Jose in January, and felt very reassured and calm. But since then I have been quite paranoid about HIV and sex...

I recently had a freckle removed on my chest last Wednesday. There is a small hole there now. At the club I did not take off my shirt, nor do I recall anyone cumming on me. If they did calm on the sore, does that increase my chances?

Would you suggest I stop with the PEP and get a PCR RNA test at 10 days? I have taken two days of PEP- Viread and Epivir. Will that affect the results of my viral load test if I decide to stop PEP now? Stopping the meds really scares me. In England, I was told by an A&E doc and Dr. Jose not to take PEP after a condom broke where I was the bottom but in NYC they seem to be extra paranoid.

What is the likelihood someone could forget they had anal sex? I have been suffering from diarrhea the past two days; I think from the heavy drinking and anxiety. I don't remember feeling penetrated by anyone.

I WISH we had Freedom Health in NYC.
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I am almost positive I was not a bottom in any kind of anal sex, but if I did have unprotected anal sex as a top that I don't remember, should I take the AZT with my Viread and Epivir for a more potent PEP regimen? Or is Viread and Epivir alone okay? I have no side effects from them.

Given that this is a gay sex club in NYC, an epicenter of the epidemic? Is it possible to forget having anal sex as a top? I am not a frequent visitor to sex clubs. I do have a phobia of "forgetting" anal sex when I'm drunk- though I've never forgotten it ever before.

Please tell me I'm nuts and to take some benzos until I can take the RNA test in 10 days.
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Thanks for your response, Doctor. You were very helpful to me in January (in person), and I appreciate your response here now.

Do you think it's possible to forget insertive anal sex (me as the top)? Again, I was quite drunk, but I think I'd remember that, considering I remembered the guy who put a condom on me and inserted me into him briefly before I pulled out.

In this scenario, would you suggest I stop PEP and instead take a PCR in 10 days to alleviate my anxiety? Or would PEP be suggested if I was an insertive top without a condom? (Probably a function of my anxiety)
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