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Please help doctor

i had unprotected with a CSW 11 weeks back.

i was diagnosed with NSU and i have tingling in my feet. No other symptoms.

I have done PCR HIV-1 RNA at 5 weeks (37 days) - result negative

I have done PCR HIV-1 RNA at 10 weeks (73 days) - result negative

I have done HIV DUO at 10 weeks (73 days) - result negative

I'm very worried. Please let me know if i need any more testing.

Thank you in advance.
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Thank you for your post.
I can assure you that you do not have HIV.  The combination of all your negative test results is fully conclusive.  You do not need to worry about HIV and you do not need to have any further tests.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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one more question doctor:

I was diagnosed with NSU since the urine culture was negative twice (last culture done 10 days back) and i was put on a dose of doxycycline for 10 days but the symptoms did not go away completely. In fact i still feel some irritation while urination. I also feel some weak at times. I must confess that i have been under extreme stress due to fear of HIV. It is more than two months since i was first diagnosed with NSU. My Doctor says i do not need any more medication. Please advise me.
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* I also feel weak at times.
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