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Post pep

I have finished the pep after an unprotected vaginal intercourse lasted for around 20 seconds ..
2.5 days (last Wednesday) after pep i took the rapid 4th generation test (ag/ab) and it was negative.
At the day of the test i have noticed a small palpable lymph node behind my left ear (sometimes i feel discomfort in the area but i cant say it is tender when touching them). I only had sore throat 5 days before i found that node. Later on the same day of the test i have noticed another smaller one came on the other side of my neck. Two days after that i found a third one. They are all less than 1 cm (2 of them less than 5 mm). I have done self examination and found some bigger ones under my right arm (not painful) .. I had no fever or no any other symptoms during this week, apart from stuffy nose only for some minutes in one morning, but i had a college at work who had a very bad cold and she worked with me on Monday.
My questions are :
1) is the appearence of those lymph nodes suggest a seroconversion after stopping the pep? (Gradual Increasing the viral load in my body)
2) are those nodes (back of the neck and armpits) suggest hiv infection with that discription? ( i cant find any reason to have them, especially that i cant recall having neck lymph nodes before)
3) what is your judgement on the 4th generation rapid ag/ab test 2.5 days after pep? (I have another appointment next week for the lab test)
Thanks for your effort.
I hope that i can get your reply as soon as you can as i am very worried about the situation.
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The symptoms mean nothing I'm afraid.

Your DUO test at 2.5 days after finishing PEP was not useful.

You should do one of the following:-

1) HIV DUO and RNA PCR at 2 weeks after finishing PEP, and

2) an HIV DUO at 3 months after finishing PEP.

Kind regards, Sean
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When you said  the symptoms are nothing, do you mean the symptoms in general , or did you mean the symptoms i explained. Do they mean nothing related to ARS or nothing significant. Please explain 1 more time.
And why do you think the DUO test adter 2.5 days are not useful. Is that because the PEP or because of the claims about its sensitivity in diagnosing thr new infections. Kindly please answer.

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