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Risk of HIV

About a week ago from today, 9/14, I had unprotected sex with a black male that has a history of drug use. I am positive for herpes, but I did not have a breakout at the time. One week later, I'm showing symptoms of a yeast infection. What is the likelihood that I could have contracted HIV? I'm a white female mid 20's. When should I become worried? I'm very nervous.
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None of these symptoms can be related to HIV as it is far too early.  Most symptoms of sero-conversion would normally start after 2 weeks of a possible infection.  The risk of contracting HIV through unprotected vaginal intercourse, assuming that the man was positive, is estimated at 3%.  Not knowing the status of the man, the risk would be much lower than that.  You need to get tested: a PCR RNA test at 10 days or a Duo test at 4 weeks.  You would also need a full STD screening.
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Dr José
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