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Dear Dr,

I am a white heterosexual female. This week I had sex with a white heterosexual male (from Scotland, who is not bi- or homosexual). We were having protected sex, but the condom broke. He did not ejaculate inside me, but I understand the risk of precum. He has said he has not done IV drugs. I am tested each year for the full STD panel, the most recent being December 2013 with an across the board negative result for all conditions. My concern partly stems from the fact that he has not re-contacted me since the encounter, although I have made attempts to contact him.

I have intense generalized anxiety disorder that is medicated with a wellbutrin-generic drug. I do not know whether to believe that I am HIV infected or whether my anxiety is related to my GAD. Can you please advise me as to my risk? I understand that I need to contact my counselor, but as I am traveling trans-atlantically it is unlikely that I will be able to meet with my counselor soon.

Kind Regards
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The calculated risk of HIV transmission by receptive vaginal intercourse with a heterosexual male born in the UK of unknown HIV status is 1 in 200,000 = 0.000005%.

Kind regards, Sean
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Dear Dr Cummings-- Thank you for your prompt response and helpful information.

Kind Regards
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