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Scary and worry

Hi Doctor, This is my story: 7 weeks ago i got sexual intercourse with a guy, it was mutual oral sex with out eyaculation and insertive anal (me the top) with out condom for less than 2 minutes. I already know he is positive and i'm angry with myself; my symptoms are: weight lost (at this time recovered), body pain arms, legs, neck, sore throat and ear pain treated with three diferentes antibiotics and stills remains. No fever, no rash, no lymph nodes. All these start at the 4th week after and still.

I got 3 combo test 4th generation at 29, 35 and 43 days after exposure and all came back negative. I already have the symptoms and i want to know how is the accurrancy of these test and
The chances to turn positives at 3 months or If they are conclusives.

And what about my symptoms? In one hand i feel Bad and in the other hand i have a
Negative test after 6 weeks.

Thanks for the Answer!!! Hi from México!
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The tests show that you are HIV negative. I know the symptoms you describe worry you but in fact the evidence is that you are HIV negative.

You should test for the other STD's if you have not already but you are HIV negative from this event.
kind regards, Sean
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Hi doctor!! I would Like to add That today is the 52 day from my risk and i got a REAL burning feet; pain and uncomfortable specially at night; could be neuropathy?? Ars??  At 7 week? After my 6 week negative test?? Thanks for Answer!!!!
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