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Did I get HIV?

So I cheated on my gf with a guy. I had unprotected receptive anal sex with him, I don't think he ejaculated in me because I pulled away very abruptly and then saw him ejaculate. This all happened about 3 months ago and since have told my gf about it and been tested three times one at 2,3 & 4 weeks. All were negative, the 2 and 4 weeks ones were combo rapid tests and the 3 week one was a regular blood draw from the health clinic. I'm just terrified still because they recommend another test at 3 months. Of course I'm going next week to test again but I'm just so scared of it being positive. Please help me.

Ps. I have been slightly sick (nasal congestion, swollen lymph nodes in back of head but they're gone now, and slight throat irritation about a month ago) but idk if it's just anxiety or caused by something else.
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