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Possible HIV Infection - Skin Symtoms

Can anyone point me to any web info or info previously posted here concerning skin symptoms with HIV?  I had unprotected sex on Mar 14, 28 and Apr 3 with wife. I was confident of being negative up (based on multiple Elisa tests that I shared about here on Mar 18) until the time of these last exposures. I also tested negative with an oraquick on Mar 29. I scheduled another Elisa on Apr 15, or sooner maybe now? I am accumulating a lot of light brown spots (1mm to 6mm) on my shoulders, upper back, on my lower arm tops and I think they are developing on my hands, scalp, and face somewhat.  They are mostly under the skin, some raising to top of skin and I actually scratched one flaky one on the back of my shoulder that itched off the other day and it is a dark brown / purple now. In my scalp I've scratched a few as well that left small temporary scraped / blood spots as if a zit.  In my left sideburn they look more like faint, barely raised marks (6mm)  My skin in the areas indicated feels hot often. This is coupled with some nausea mostly at night when I sleep on my sides but not when I sleep on my back. Occasionally I feel nausious during the day.  At times I feel really lousy.  No fever that I know of.  No real lymph node feelings going on.  My swallow is a little large feeling but not a sore throat. I definitly feel stressed and have been here before.  I know the answer is get tested but these spots are making me crazy right now.  Help!
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Dr. Hook told you in no uncertain terms a couple of weeks ago that your tests showed you did not catch HIV during your exposure last January.  Therefore, you could not have infected your wife.  Unless you believe your wife might have HIV, it is not possible you have been exposed to the virus since then.  Therefore, your skin problem, nausea, and other symptoms have to be due to something other than HIV.  On top of all that, new HIV infections do not cause the sorts of skin rash and other symptoms you describe.

I suggest you stop worrying about HIV and stop trying to find an explanation for your symptoms on this forum or anywhere else on line. You'll never get an answer that way.  See a health care provider you trust then follow his or her advice.

There will be no follow-up comments or discussion on this thread.  Also please note MedHelp's rule that permits no more than 2 questions every 6 months on each of the professionally moderated forums.

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