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Hello Dr

I am 33yo male str8 male.  Had sex with a old female friend of mine. Used a condom but not when she preformed oral on me. I live in orange Cali. 10 days later got a sore throat only no other systems. Went and took some test before having sex with gf. Here are the results 15 days after sex

Quantitates RNA HIV 1 (super sensitive) down to 48 copies per ml. Results. .......less Then 48 copies found... negative
clearview HIV 1 AND 2 (Fingerstick) ....... negative

5 week 5 days clearview fingerstick HIV 1 and 2........  negative
6 week 5 days clearview figerstick HIV 1 and 2 ......... negative
7 week 6 days clearview finger stick HIV 1 and 2 .......  negative

Also noticed 20 days after sex noticed tongue was white in back of throat but was on antibiotics when noticed. Tongue is not pasty but the taste buds look white....also I am a smoker.

Are the test conclusive? Or further testing required? 3 month test needed...
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Welcome to the forum.  I can help.

The modern HIV tests are highly relialbe.  It is not possible to have HIV and have both negative HIV RNA testing and negative HIV antibody testing at the times your tests were done.  I repeat:  not possible.  And test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history.  The tests prove beyond all doubt that you did not catch HIV.  Believe the results.  You are home free and do not need any additional testing.

And by the way, you had a low risk exposure anyway; it is very unlikely your parter has HIV; and even if she did, oral sex is zero risk for all practical purposes.  And your symptoms don't sound HIV either.

Please stop worrying.  You don't have HIV.


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Ok thank you Dr that is what I needed to know.  How long does it take for the body to normalize after taking the antibiotics. I hate looking/checking my tongue and seening white in the back. Before antibiotics it was pink/red after antibiotics it is white in the back.....weird.
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The antibiotics are not necessarily the cause of the changed appearance of your tongue.  If they are, it should return to normal pretty soon.  It's also possible that there isn't as much difference as it seems-- maybe your anxieties about all this are contributing to your impression of change.  In any case, it isn't at all harmful and nothing to worry about.  Check with your primary care provider if it continues or you remain concerned about it.
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Thx Dr.  That rna test that I took can it find other forms of the virus such as HIV 2 ect. ? Also what is so special about that rna test at 15 days post exposure. My doc swares by it, but is in it the antibody test the best. Just want to make sure I cover all ground.  
Also I have seen you tell people not to fall into the trap of looking for symptoms or getting carried away on non professional monitored internet sites. That is very good advise.    

Take care.
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"All ground" has been covered.  The antibody and RNA tests are both highly reliable.  You have been rather seriously overtested, without reason, given the nature of your exposure -- but in any case, it is impossible to have HIV with negative results on all the tests you have had.

Stop worrying about HIV and move on with your life.  That will be all for this thread.
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Thank you Dr you were right.  I could not contain myself and had a

10 week 5 day test. ........clearview HIV 1 and. 2.........negative
11 week 2 day test..........clearview HIV 1 and 2..........negative

You were right I guess no further testing was need.............. thanks anyway.

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