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How long can HIV hide from tests before it gets detected?

Dear all

I have been testing negative for HIV since April 2014 after an exposure. I did the tests until December 2015 and all tests were negative. I didn't test in 2016 because I was not exposed. However, I tested positive for HIV in 2017 when taking a life insurance. The test was a finger prick. They drew blood and told me that my CD4 is 188. I was put on treatment straight away. Is this the correct way of diagnosing HIV? Can the virus hide for this long? Please help I'm confused. I have no symptoms whatsoever but I'm taking the medication nonetheless.
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Hiv does not hide from tests. Antibody tests (4th gen) should be conclusive in 90 days post exposure. Did you have any exposures after 2014?.. the tests are conclusive after 3 months!
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The last time I was exposed was in 2014. I used a condom in September 2015 and tested in December 2015 and I was negative. That was the last time I was sexually active, that is September 2015 with a condom and tested negative in December 2015. I didn't test in 2016 because I was not exposed. I tested positive in March 2017 when taking a life insurance policy. I had a CD4 of 188 and was never showed any viral load results. I have no symptoms whatsoever except the nausea I get from the ARVs. I'm so confused and suicidal.
Have you had follow-up confirmatory tests? HIV is never diagnosed on the basis of a single test.  
I believe you can get false positives but not false negatives, so if I don't get corrected on that one you can relax a bit until you follow Curfew's advice for another test.
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