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I don't know why but for some reason I still get nervous when I go to an appointment even though I am HIV+. I guess it could be due to the fact that I am worried about my viral load and if my meds are still working. So far this year I have had two undetectable results since taking Biktarvy. I read somewhere that in order to be deemed virally suppressed you should have at least two undetectable results but I'm not sure if that's true or not. Does anyone else go through this?
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I've seen some experts suggesting an extended period of about 6 months of being undetected for considering you to not being able to transmit the virus anymore.
Does that include if your doctor switches your medication?
I believe they switch medication to refrain your body to start developing resistance to the drug. Switching drugs doesn't have an impact on non-ability to transmit as long as you suffice the criteria of being undetected for 6 months or more.
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