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Pregnant and posative rapid HIV

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second child with the man I have been with for 4 years. 6.5 months ago I had unprotected sex with another man spanning a couple months while my current boyfriend and I where broke up. this man will not tell me his HIV status. I had a negative ELSA hiv at 5 months after my last exposure. At 6.5 months after last exposure I have multiple (5) positive rapid hiv tests done with allure determine hiv 1/2 4th gen test. The line on the AB portion is very faint but it is there. I am really scared to death for the health of me, my current boyfriend and my unborn child. Please help.
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Once you have done those tests, before taking any chance, go to talk to your doctor.
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Hiv window period is three months which is 99.99 percent accurate if you did test after exposure of 4 weeks its 95% accurate

Since you did after 5 months of exposure I feel its conclusive, Though I am not doctor but I did some RND on that

Rest you can assured with doctor and wish you and your child healthy long life
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