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Protected Vaginal Sex But Still Doubtful

Hi Doc

I'm a 26 year old single guy from India. 12 weeks before I had the 1st intercourse of my life with a female sex worker.

That night I had protected oral sex without ejaculation. After few minutes we had a very brief vaginal intercourse WITHOUT ejaculation. Later she put a new condom, lubricated it with her saliva & then we had 2nd vaginal intercourse ejaculating in a short while. We didn’t do anal sex.

I immediately took out my penis with condom intact without any slippage nor did I experience any sort of friction or tightness during insertion or intercourse. After that we checked for any breakage. She said its OK, but I saw a tiny black spot on the condom near the head, maybe it was due to the cum inside or something in the condom material, but I’m unsure whether it was a leakage or not! Spot was round and was 2 mm wide. I’m being extra conscious about that!

No major symptoms after that but only slight pain in right-half of my head 11 weeks later lasting from night to next morning only. Sometimes I experience a very little pain in my neck lymph nodes area & sometimes in my right armpit without any lymph node lumps. No rashes. I also have little throat infection maybe due to temperature extremes we have, inside home/office around 25 degrees C due to ACs & outside above 40. I drink chilled beer 3-4 times a month, but not much water, probably less then 4-5 glasses per day, but 2-3 cups tea/coffee a day. Being a software engineer I do a lot of sitting work without much physical exercise, not even jogging. My immunity hasn't been very strong since childhood and I tend to catch cold easily during climate changes.

During the protected vaginal intercourse was it possible for her vaginal fluids to enter into the condom from the base edges and reach the mucous membrane at the head of my penis?

When I ejaculated and if my cum went out of my condom & mixed with her vaginal fluids, then could that have possibly created a path for the virus to enter inside my condom?
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Thank you for your post.
Your sexual encounter was protected with a condom at all times.  The condom seemed to have reamined in place and intact.  Therefore that is safe sex and there is no risk to you at all whatsoever, certainly no risk of HIV infection.  No need to worry and no need to get tested.  Symptoms are irrelevant.  Finally the answers to both of your questions is NO.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Thank you for your quick response Doc!! I really can't explain in words how happy & relieved I'm feeling now :) :)

I pledge not to indulge in such kind of activity in the future & will always be loyal to my life-long partner whosoever she would be. :)

Best Wishes!
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P.S. : Doc, I was wearing condom all the time - oral as well as during both the vaginal intercourses.
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