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Protected oral & vaginal sex with Hong Kong prostitute 23 days ago. Maybe have ARS.

I am a 24 year old guy who went to Hong Kong to get a visa.  My friend took me to a sex sauna and I had sex with a Chinese prostitute.  She gave me oral sex and I gave her vaginal sex.  We used the same condom for both acts.  The condom didn't break.

Then, later that night, I went to a girl bar with Thai bar girls.  I was fingering one girl, but we didn't have any kind of sex.  I'm worried that my finger may have been cut (I'm not sure) and that a couple minutes later I may have touched my face, which had one actively-healing pimple.  I'm hoping HIV dies once it touches air, so I don't need to worry about being infected through my pimple.

Around two weeks later on March 30th or 31st, I started getting a minor headache on the left side of my head, and I started experiencing fatigue and lethargy consistently for about the last 8-9 days and have not been able to concentrate on anything.  I also had some muscle soreness in my right leg and arms, but I had no idea why.  I also had these two minor rashes on my abdomen area that disappeared within one day, but the muslce soreness and rashes may be related to the fact that I went to the beach and swam in the ocean.  

I'm worried that I'm experiencing the symptoms of ARS.  Should I be worried?  I don't want to get tested for HIV yet because it has barely been one month since I had sexual intercourse, and moreoever I live in Taiwan where the country deports foreigners who test positive for HIV.  I really regret doing anything sexual with prostitutes and bar girls.  I really do.  Dammit, I wish I could go back and avoid all of this anxiety.  I have A LOT of anxiety right now.  Moreover, it's rare that I get sick.  I did catch the flu around the same time last year and felt similar symptoms, but I still rarely get sick.  I've been rather strong immunity-wise most of my life.

So should I be worried and prepare for the worst?  Did I contract HIV?  What do I do?  Should I get tested and risk deportation??  

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I really don't see anything in your post that would worry me. The first event was irrelevant because you used condoms. Provided the condom stayed on, didn't slip, tear or rip then you will be fine.

The second issue is also of no concern. I know there is lots of web-noise about fingering and transfer of HIV and little cuts etc - but I've never seen it happen. I simply don't believe that to be an effective or plausible route for transfer.

I am sure you are HIV negative from these episodes. Relax.

best wishes, Sean
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Thank you Doctor for your opinion.
can i ask you about having constant low grade fever intervals and headaches with mild itching on the body without rashes two weeks after a possible HIV exposure....can this be a threat...?
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HIV is not transmitted by fingering. You are not at risk of HIV through fingering. No if or buts or what if's - you are not going get it that way. You cannot contract HIV by the scenario you describe regardless of any symptoms.
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Thank you, doctor.  However, I think the condom may have slipped for a few seconds.  What worries me is the flu-like symptoms that I have.  I am paranoid that they are due to ARS.  

Are my risk still low even if the condom might have slipped for a short time?  

What explains the unusual slight headaches, fatigue, and muslce soreness that I have experienced for the last 9 days or so.  I am feeling better now, but I am still anxious and nervous that I caught HIV!  
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You would know if your condom had slipped off during intercourse, as it would not have been on you penis when you finished.

You are creating the dreaded "what if" questions which is a dangerous place to be. You had protected sex and fingering does not pose any danger. You had no risk.
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