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hiv worry

I recently had sex with a sex worker with a condom, i did not ejaculate.  she went on to giving me a handjob and fingering my anus... however i believe she used the condom as a finger glove for herself.  2 weeks later i have been diagnosed with molloscum and genital warts which i have been treated for.  do i have a huge exposore for hiv because of the anal fingering if she did use the used the condom (which most likely had her fluids on it)?????

i also read that molloscum can be a sign of hiv
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I think you are quite safe, irrespective of whether the lady used the condom as described/feared. I think the risk of HIV in this istuation is zero to inconsequential. Perhaps not the most hygienic way forward but I do not believe it presents a risk or threat to you.

I hope that helps?

best regards, Sean
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the anal fingering was rather vigorous, i am afraid if she used the same condom that entered her vagina that there is a chance of infection here.
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