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Oral Sex

你好,我是男生,最近跟一個性工作者發生關係,女生幫我無套口交,我有摸他的陰部,但沒有用手指插入,也沒有把我的生殖器官插入,我的生殖器官也沒有明顯外傷和流血,但是女生我不確定口腔有無牙周病出血等狀況,請問這樣有可能會得性病嗎? 風險大嗎?

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Even if your partner has dental issues, gum issues, bleeding gums--  you are not at risk from oral sex.  HIV is not transmitted that way.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  Only unprotected anal or vaginal sex (no condom) or sharing iv drug needles will put you at risk.
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即使你的伴侶有牙齒問題,牙齦問題,牙齦出血,你也沒有的風險。 愛滋病毒不是以這種方式傳播的。 空氣和唾液使病毒失去活性。 只有未受保護的肛門或陰道性行為(無避孕套)或共用靜脈注射針頭將你置於危險之中。
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission. Testing is not needed.
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Translation: Hello, I am a boy, recently had sex with a sex worker, girls help me without oral sex, I have touched his genitals, but did not insert with my fingers, nor my genitals inserted, my reproductive organs also did not have significant trauma and bleeding, but girls I am not sure whether the mouth has periodontal bleeding and other conditions, Is it possible to get venereal disease? Is the risk?
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