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my problems started about a year ago. had protected sex unprotected oral sex. had every symptom in the book seemed as if as 1 would come the other would go away. then magically everything stopped tongue stopped hurtin, white coatin went away, stomach stopped growling. diareah stopped but now this past week my son who was born after all this started, starts to have respiratory problems, wife has diareah and me as well. i took a oral test 3 months after my supposed risk it was negative but now im startin to worry again. this stomach growlin is really worryin me and small amout of water in my stool
now my wife is havin diareah. i had convinced myself it was all in my head and somehow stress related but im startin to think maybe the oral test was wrong and maybe me my wife and my son now have hiv. they say he has asthma but it seems the meds arent workin. gettin extremely worried. any thoughts, advice, experiences would help. i found comfor here once b4 so i thought id come here first
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