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10 Weeks exposure


10 weeks ago i had oral sex with a man. He later went on to ejaculate in my mouth, and i spat it out. However over these 10 weeks i have been extremely anxious over my HIV status as i have no idea if the man whom i had sex with was negative. He had claimed to be clean though.

Over the 10 weeks i had not had any major ARS symptoms. I started having dull muscle aches last week and became very concern. Been having loose stool too (probably from being anxious?). I have also been in contact with a person who was having chicken pox, and I myself am a carrier of the cold sore virus. Neither of these have acted up in the last 10 weeks. As such is it safe to say that i am not infected with HIV?

I am extremely anxious about this. Though I only had oral sex with the guy once.

Thank you so much for your help and advice.
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You never had an exposure. HIV is not transmitted by oral sex.
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just curious. If i was recently infect with HIV would my cold sore act up immediately? i usually get it when my immune system gets weak.

And would i have most likely caught the chicken pox from my other friend as well?
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You never had an exposure.
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