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2 oral encounters. HIV risk?

hi All, im a hetrosexual man with a "normal" sexual history mainly in long term relationships. however, i have been somewhat curious about bi sexuality for sometime and about one year ago i had two separate encounters with two different guys that i met through a dating site. they were both appearantly healthy, fit and generally nice people.

The first encounter included mainly mutual masturbation and he sucked my penis for a short time without protection. No ejaculation.

Second encounter, the guy was very clean drying off my penis with a damp cloth before sucking me for a short time. afterwards he wiped me off again and we continued to masturbate until ejaculation.

I thought nothing about the incidents after they occured but after a few months, for some reason, i started having bothering my mind with it and "of course" the thoughts travel to HIV risk.

I have been reading up on all the exellent expert postings and others here on the site and I know deep inside that i am not really at risk. however, it would be a final reassurance to get some expert opinion on it to be even calmer.

I have to mention that i live in Norway. there are registred 2.200 infected men out of a 4,5 million population.


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You did not have a risk from oral sex or mutual maturbation.
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We're not experts here but it's 99.9999999999% certain you don't have HIV.
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you did NOT get hiv from mutual masterbation!!!!!
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oops...forgot the blow jobs :)

no one has ever contracted hiv from receiving a blow job and you're not going to be the first to do so :)
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Thanks for your fast and reassuring posts. Have a nice weekend:)
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