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2 scenario, please help assess my risk

I'm a 22 y.o male from Indonesia. So here's my risk from 2 different experience & situation. Kindly help assess these situations:

1. About a year ago i went to a massage parlor. The masseuse is a female who I don't know the status of HIV. She gave me an unprotected blowjob and i ejaculate in her mouth. If she's hiv positive does this mean i get hiv?

2.this just happened about an hour ago or so. I went to a massage parlor again. This time the masseuse is a female i don't know what her HIV status is. She finish me with a handjob (i know this is no risk) but she rub my penis shaft with her vagina & a lot of lube for about 30 seconds (less or more). I'm confident that i don't feel amy penetration. If she is positive should i get tested?

Thanks please help.
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The only risks for HIV transmission in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles.

There is no other activity that you can think of, including the two events you mentioned, that would put you at risk for HIV.
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didn't it count as a vaginal sex?
No penetration = no risk.
wait what this whole time it needs to be penetration to be a risk? i thought blowjobs (unprotected) counts
Please re-read the only two risks for HIV posted above.  These risks are based on long-term studies and the advice of expert HIV physicians.  No one has ever contracted HIV from receiving a blow job.  Forget about these events and move on with your life.
so no tested neeeded?
There is no point in testing for a disease you were never exposed to.
Please reread all the advice because hiv prevention is straightforward. You just have to ask yourself if you did any of the 3 then after you say no I didn't, you have the answer to move on back to your happy life.
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