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28 days exactly?

Hello I had a risk on November 20th around 9 pm and got tested December 18th 9 am. Is my text considered close enough to be accurate or does it have to be done at the exact hour and after?
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While it is 28 days, your result is most certainly not going to change 12 hours short of 28 hours.  An episode of unprotected sex while a risk is low risk of less than 1 percent chance of transmission.  
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So do you think I should be fine or would you recommend retesting? I didn’t think of it until after I got my results and I would’ve gone that Saturday or Sunday instead of Friday but the center is closed and I wanted results as fast as possible.
I’m actually not too sure about the penetration because I was getting fingered and it started to hurt but he said he just added a finger but I’m concerned it may have been his penis.
So, you don't even know that you had unprotected sex.  Good to know. Your anxiety is making you wonder and it is unlikely you did. I'd cut my leg off if your negative test changed.  I wouldn't personally test again. I'd trust that result. But if you feel you must, do so any time from now on.  Personally again, you sound like this is coming from your anxiety rather than reality, so I'd not test.  
Your risk from that one-time event - IF your partner was positive, and that's a huge IF - was only 0.08%.  

Also, it is highly unlikely that someone could substitute a penis for a finger without noticing.
He did say he didn’t do anything penetrative and it didn’t last long anyways. If he did tho would you consider my test conclusive or at least very reassuring?
There is no legitimate reason to test for this event again.  Most people wouldn't have bothered to test at all.
You would have known if he used his penis and he told you he didn't, so it was a non-event. Move on and be happy instead of worrying about nothing.
Maybe but people do lie so he could’ve. I just want to know if it’d be considered conclusive if he did.
We have already answered you.  You most likely had no risk. At best, less than 1 percent chance and we all doubt that you were penetrated.  But regardless, your test just shy by a few hours to 28 days will likely not change and we all recommended you not test again. NOTHING more or different to add to that.  Your choice to accept it or not.
Okay thank you guys for your help I just wanted to know if my test was conclusive or if I had to test again. Thank you again.
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28 days is conclusive. You were close to the right hour so I wouldn't worry about it. What was your risk, anal, oral, or vaginal and did you use a condom?
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Oral and brief vaginal and no. So you don’t think the 12 hours difference is a big deal or would you recommend retesting?
Sorry, the guidelines were created based on scientific research and analysis of testing outcomes. Obviously I can't make up guidelines, so you will have to talk to a researcher for the answer to that, since you cut it 12 hours short.
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