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3 weeks of varied symptoms after sexual encounter

Hello. I'd appreciate some help about my situation. I'm a 29 y.o. gay male. I have a fairly active sex life, not on any medication, have HIV test every 6 months always negative, had never had unprotected sex until recently.

18 days ago for the first time in my life I got caught up in the moment and had insertive anal sex, for about 20 seconds and a few thrusts, after that I stopped, I performed oral sex and anilingus on him, then proceeded to put on a condom and finish the act. There was no bleeding but I don't really know his status or his regular sex practices.

The very morning after I woke up with a tingling, slightly burning sensation in my throat (the sensation you'd get in your mouth from eating a Halls cough drop candy), I waited about a week until I went to the doctor, she said I had rhinopharyngitis, prescribed antibiotics and a mucolytic. Over a week later I still have the same sensation in my throat, plus mild fever, headaches, odd bowel movement, constant burping and passing gas more frequently than usual.

I'm planning on going to a different doctor this week and also have an HIV test in month or so. But any help and thoughts here are appreciated. Thank you.
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Symptoms are of interest to everyone except hiv docs.
HIV docs can't diagnose from symptoms which is why no one here pays attention to them either so you should stop studying your body. You can take a duo test at 28 days, so try to relax until then. Your hiv doc appointment is 100% guaranteed to be a waste of time, so I would cancel it. You already got a throat diagnosis so see that doc again instead. Your burping, gas etc are likely in your imagination btw.
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