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4th Generation HiV year accuracy at 41 days?

I had an unprotected sexual encounter on February 2nd - I took the 4th generation HIV test on March 15 (41 days) which came negative. It’s been 77 days now and I am wondering if I should test again. How conclusive was my test at 41 days. I am been worried sick and I am unable to fall asleep at night. Please help- this stress is killing me.
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Your 4th generation test was conclusive, and there is no reason to test again.  If you do test again, the result will be negative since you have already tested conclusively negative.
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Thank you so much for your replying. The only reason I freaked out and have been crying endlessly is because I read on the internet that an HIV test is not considered conclusive until after 3 months. Some people also wrote that antibodies are not developed until months later- which is the real cause of anxiety and stress for most people. I truly appreciate your reply- thank you so much!
I don't know why there are people who roam the internet, committed to spreading bad information.  It is true that the 3rd generation test isn't considered conclusive until 90 days post-event (though it is likely actually conclusive much earlier).   That is due to the sensitivity of the test, not antibody formation.

Most known diseases cause antibody production to begin by 2 weeks post-infection.  It's just a matter of what tests are available and how high the antibody levels need to be for the test to detect them.  The 4th generation HIV test is one of the most sensitive tests on the market for any disease.
Thank you so much! I totally agree with you. There are so many false rumors that it’s enough to drive a common person, lacking knowledge, insane. I even blame the CDC for not using a clear and concise language which people often quote and misrepresent. I was confused because they kept insisting that 3 months is conclusive but thanks to you I now know that 3rd generation is limited to 3 months and not the 4th generation.
CDC uses overly conservative outdated guidelines. I imagine the clinic where you got the test can advise you that your test is already conclusive. It is a waste of time to test again but if you still can't stop endlessly crying perhaps you should take a placebo test at 3 months, or see your doc or a therapist to get some relief.
Thank you for replying. Honestly, even many people at the clinic or the quest diagnostic lab don’t have the updated information so they only added to my fears. Finding you guys was a blessing! I consider myself lucky for finding this community. Thank you so much! I am truly grateful for your advice. It’s incredible that even some doctors don’t have the correct information so your comments are invaluable. I agree- I have the worst anxiety and stress disorder which caused the worst GERD reaction in me.
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