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4th gen ag/ab test

i have read that after 4 weeks a 4th gen ag/ab blood finger prick test is conclusive.  i have also read it can take 6 weeks to be conclusive.

which is correct?

thank you.
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What was your risk event?
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i visited a CSW and had kissing, hand job and analingus deeply both ways.  giving and receiving.
You had absolutely zero risk for HIV.  The only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex.  You didn't do that, so you are not at risk.  Therefore, the test you took was not necessary as it was looking for a disease you cannot have.
thank you.  

but i am curiosa about the.alere 4th gen ag/ab test.   i’ve read here that some think 4 weeks in conclusive, ice also read the doctors Hook and Handsfield have pushed back to six weeks on this.   academically, i am quite curious about this.  can you comment further?

You didn't have any risk for HIV at all.  Your question is not relevant to your situation.  
understood and thanks for the reply.  i thought other posters might. benefit from this academic question if you care to answer.  thanks again.
Posters who don't have risks benefit when they understand that. Otherwise they can waste their time by not moving on from hiv fears.
good point!  taken.
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