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4th gen test and CDC guidelines

I had a 4th generation test at 3 weeks and 8 weeks (2 days shy). Would this be enough time for it to be sufficient? Also I am a bit confused about the CDC guidelines. Do they say that a 4th gen lab test at 45+ days is sufficient ?
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28 days is long enough for a conclusive test so your 54 works for you.We rely on the opinion of expert doctors and some use theoretical risks so use unnecessarilly conservative timelines.
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dont use symptoms to diagnose hiv
If someone penetrated you would know.However testing for peace of mind is ok since you were drunk.

I am not going to debate every website that someone comes here to talk about, so if you only feel comfortable with 90 do another test then. I already listed the modern day timeline is 28 so there is nothing to discuss.
HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms because of multiple possibilities so you can't get anywhere trying to diagnose either. If you plan to test at 90 then quit Googling cold turkey and relax until then because nothing is pointing towards you having HIV.
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CDC itself says in one of the recent publications on HIV testing that 4th generation test is accurate 3-4 weeks earlier than its predessor 3rd generation test. If we take only this statement alone, 4th generation test should be conclusive at 8-9 weeks time.

CDC will issue its revised guidelines sooner or later, however they have their own work protocol.

Many experts on HIV around the globe believe that this test is highly sensitive and very accurate even before the formation of antibodies due to its capability of detecting p24, a protien attached to core of the virus. Very rare seronegative cases are also possible now to pick up, earlier tests were unable to pick and reporting false negative.

A negative result may be taken correct with confidence if done post 28 days of the exposure.
Diver why still a 'may be taken'?

And same 'may be taken' is also said after 90 days.

It is just a language , the test is considered conclusive after 28 days by several experts
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