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7weeks home rapid test kits

Hi Dr.
Just want to know your opinions.
I have unprotected vaginal sex at 11/11 and test for 4th combo duos (16TH DAY)
with result :
1. CMIA Reactive (index 1.4 ; std < 1)
2. Elfa AB/AG NR (index 0.04 ; std < 0.25 for Ab/Ag)
3. Immunograph NR

At 18th day : i have sd bioline 3.0 (home rapid test) NR

36th day (6 week) : antibody kits, egens, 3rd generation (home rapid) NR
49th day (7 week) : antibody kits, VIKIA HIV 1/2, 3rd generation (home rapod) NR

1. Is that results give me a 'good' sign for me in 12th weeks ?
2. Is ther possible that CMIA result is flase positive, because when it confirm with another 4th gen (Elfa ab/ag) the  result is NR
3. I know that the cdc rules will say it conclusive in 12 weeks, but with all result i have done can it be a good result for me?

Thanks you
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duo is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other after 12. So that was a lot of wasted testing. Just take one test at the correct time instead.
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Do you have opinion about my rapid tes (week 6-7) can give me a futire good result in 12 weeks ?
If testing early had any value there would be no purpose in testing within the guidelines. Try to relax until you can test, because nothing is pointing towards you having HIV.
thank you AnxiousNoMore, I will checked in 12 weeks, but the problem i had is the result of CMIA in 16 days (reactive), although confirmation testing (Elfa AG/Ab) give another result (NR). Does it means that CMIA at that time is False Positive ?
It can be false positive. Check with your doctor and test again.
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It is definitely a good sign.
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