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A bit worried about precum

I'm gay and I've had this one-time ''incident'' roughly two weeks ago where I had sex with another man and I was the receptive partner of anal sex where we delayed the use of the condom for a short time at the beggining. He had protection on afterwards and also when he ejaculated but we did it unprotected for a couple minutes or so.. I'm really concerned about being at risk because of his pre-ejaculate getting inside me while I was the bottom... I don't really know the guy very well nor his status, and ever since maybe day 2 or 3 after that happened I have had a light but constant burning pain on my back that has been going on for over a week now, and I've been really scared that it could be related to HIV somehow. Plus some dry cough for the past two days.. How much should I be worrying and how long must I wait before getting tested? thanks
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You had a risk having unprotected sex and need to test.  Take a DUO test at 28 days.
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Ok, but can you tell me whether lower back pain/burning has anything to do with it? Muscle pain, perhaps?
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And the dry cough also?
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early symptoms of infection do not come at 2-3 days post infection.

symptoms, or lack thereof, do not diagnose hiv.  only a test taken at the appropriate time will tell one's status.
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I know I can't diagnose myself until I get tested, but I'm still trying to keep a good mental state until then, because this isn't a risk I wanted to take in the first place... I didn't want unprotected sex and it almost feels as if I got raped.

Is it fair to think my chances of contracting it are lessened by the fact I didn't take as much fluid? As in he did not ejaculate?
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Yes, is true. But unprotected sex is still unprotected sex.
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