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A little nervous

I had unprotected sex a month ago with a random female who was a 39 year old Hispanic woman. I am a 22 year old healthy male. I did not ejaculate in her and was intoxicated at the time. We both performed oral sex on each other and that was it. No condom was ever used and the sex lasted about 20 min. I noticed about 4 weeks later I had a burning sensation when urinating and a little secretion from my penis. I went to the doctors and he took a urine sample and said it was a bacterial infection ie. Gonorrhea or chlamydia. I was put on antibiotics and received a shot of penicillin for syphilis. He told me I can get blood work done if I would like but what I had was curable. I decided to get tested for everything about 31 days after the incident. My biggest fear is HIV obviously and am very nervous. I know this can be a very vague question, but if anyone has any statistics or "odds" of what my test results would come back as I would really appreciate it. If there are any odds in contracting HIV I would hope they are minimal to ease my mind until I get the results. Thank you.  
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Take a 4th Generation Hiv Duo Test.It has a shorter window period and is a great indicator,however only at 3Months post-exposure will you receive a 100% conclusive result.Test for other STD,s aswell.All the best.
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We don't use odds in this forum. We don't use them because we don't see HIV as a numbers game and what if we posted odds of 1 in 1000. Well maybe someone takes that as low risk and starts having unprotected sex and gets HIV.

The Dr's may quote numbers as they have a combined over 60 years in HIV. They have the luxory of information on many things that we do not. And of course years and oears of education, training and real world experience that we do not. So if you want you can pay and post to the expert forum.

Test at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result. Any negative test is a good test.
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