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May 18 I went for a run in Los Angeles when at one point when I planted my foot I felt a pinch in my ankle. I passed it off as a muscular or tendon spasm (as it most likely is), but about 3.5 weeks later I developed a nasty sore throat (exudate present) and fatigue and I couldn't stop thinking of if I stepped on a discarded needle. I understand exudate is more characteristic of mono or strep but I still got a 4th generation test at exactly 27 days. It came back obviously negative and so I'm wondering how reliable that result is?
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Sorry March 18*** as for the date
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The negative result is 100% reliable since you had zero risk. hiv is instantly dead in air or saliva so the only non sexual risk for hiv is very quickly sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with. Any hiv in that syringe tip was long dead unless someone was using it as you passed and quickly gave up some of his drug to stick you - which didn't happen.  
Besides I would pass it off as a spasm as well.
If you had stepped on a needle while running, it would have gone into your tissue and you would have stopped immediately and had emergency personnel extracting it from your foot.  This is a totally irrational scenario that never happened.
And did you get tested for covid?
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