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ARS, Flu, Mono during ARS window period

I had several unprotected oral/analingus encounters with protected sex within a month's time frame.  One of the women was on her period who I unknowingly gave cunnilingus to, received oral from, and had protected intercourse with.  At the end, we noticed blood at the tip of the condom and some blood dripped out onto my leg.  She used the same wipe to clean my leg and my whole penis without the condom on.  Not sure if blood entered at that time (I know that there's many answers stating that once the virus makes air contact, it dies).  I am pretty sure that I didn't receive my symptoms from the last girl, because the day after I had a severe (or what I started to assume to be either ARS or flu) symptoms of sore throat, fever, muscle aches, and headache.  I happened to have some hives that appear at different times of the day on different parts of my body and then disappear, but that was a little before my more severe symptoms started.  One of the women could've been a high-risk person based on what I gathered by her appearance (emaciated-look, tattoos, don't remember if I saw track marks, I didn't remember at the time to give her a look for signs of that).  I only received unprotected oral from her and that's it. I know there's all these talks about unprotected oral, not being a risk, but how do my symptoms match exactly that of ARS?  I think I ruled out mono, because I don't remember seeing white spots on the back of my throat or tonsils.  So maybe it's either the flu or ARS then.  My symptoms seemed to have subsided just before the end of 2 weeks.

Time frame: 2 or 4 weeks after one of the many (no anal/protected intercourse/unprotected oral/analingus) encounters, developed severe symptoms of sore throat, muscle aches, wasn't sure of my temperature, but others have said it was pretty warm, sweats, chills
most symptoms went away after 5 or 6 days

Currently this is day 12 since symptoms started, and my sore throat is just about to be completely gone.  I'm freaking out, all the symptoms fit with ARS and during the window period.  Should I worry?  I'm between Day 20 or Day 40 of possible infection.
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Anyone have any ideas that might alleviate my worry if this is something that might seem suspicious of infection or not?

Any encouraging words will help.  Thanks.
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You had no risk for infection
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So does this sound like mono or the flu then or some other virus?
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See a Dr.
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