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ARS Anxiety Sore neck!

Hi all,

I had unprotected sex with a sex worker in Asia a few weeks ago.

After a few days I started to develop all the “classic” ARS symptoms; fever, night sweats, sore shoulders and neck, lack of appetite, sore head, aching muscles, feeling exhausted, rash on my trunk etc...
These symptoms came and went but I basically had a fever for about a week and pain in my neck, either side and at the back of my neck for most of it. The rash on my chest also came and went...

The fever has subsided and I have had less if most of the symptoms, still the occasional night sweats but one thing I can’t shake is the pain/swelling both sides of my neck and the pain both sides of my head at the back behind my ears, this is been here consistently now for almost a week, 4 weeks post potential exposure.
Would it make sense if it is ARS for the other symptoms to subside leaving just swollen neck lymph nodes and the pain I am describing around my neck?
When people talk about a sore throat with HIV is it internally or externally they are describing? More like strep throat or just the muscles? All my pain feel like muscles pain/tightness.
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HIV can be only diagnosed with specific testing and not with any symptom. The earliest you could test for a definitive result is at 28 days with a IV Gen test.

Your risk was low and your symptoms doesn't seem to be related to ARS. Also, your 'own' diagnosis of symptoms means nothing.
Is one after 3 weeks likely to change though?
I thought it was common ARS after some of the night sweats and things for people to develop sore/swollen neck/throat? This is what is happening to me...
The symptom answer was clear cut so no purpose in repeating your question hoping for a different answer.
The testing window answer was clear cut so no purpose in repeating your question hoping for a different answer. Testing is not a science exam where you cheat then hope to get a good result.
People cough on your lips so fever is to be expected at any time including days after having sex.
Your questions seem to be the same as the other time you asked in a previous thread.
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