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ARS Symptoms after blood test

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I go blood test here in small town of India. Though nurse open new syringe in front of me, I am worried because

she used old syringe as she kept new syringe on the table where old used syringe was there. After exactly

three and half week. I got slight fever (which range from 99.1 to 99.5 F) and slight sore throat without pain.

slight runny nose, cough and slight eye in pain. today is third day and it continues.

I have tested HIV at 26 days and it came back negative. Should I need to test further in regards to these symptoms?  

She hasn't used syringe with lock to make it clear that there is no locking mechanism.

Do you consider this is an exposure if she accidentally reused syringe?

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This is where it gets into irrational concerns.  In most locations, reusing needles is not practice or something anywhere would do.  There is a virus these days called corona virus which if you have a fever, you should talk to your doctor about that.  This is the times of a global pandemic so it would make sense to be evaluated if you have any symptoms of that.  But this is not an hiv concern as your anxiety is playing tricks on you.
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The only non sex risk for hiv is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with so there is no hiv risk from a blood test anyway.
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You watched her open a new syringe so I don't know why you think she did not use it. You describe all of your "symptoms" as slight, which might be because they are in your imagination from fear. Your claim of fever for instance, is normal temperature.
hiv doctors can't diagnose from symptoms and only rely on test results so no one here pays attention to symptoms and you shouldn't be wasting your time doing "symptom" analysis for hiv either because it will not work. If you are sick see a doctor but it isn't hiv- first you should stop worrying, stop Googling hiv, and stop analyzing your body for one day - If the symptoms disappear then they are in your imagination from fear so you should stop doing those things that make you afraid.
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It is possible that all your slight pains are Covid if you were infected by someone in the last 2 weeks, but only a doctor test can determine if there is anything wrong with you. This is an hiv forum and you do not have hiv.
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