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ARS confusion

I have a sexual intercourse with CSW on 17 nov on last year after 3 week i feel fever and rash
and i test 3 week after my expose that have negative i also test at 4 week after that also a negative
but i last one month i feel that i have fever but my thermometer are not sowing tem above 97.5F
in last one mounth i have a joint pain and mucle pain it is so pains    
i am in confusion it is ARS sing
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You need to get tested 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result ((assuming you had unprotected intercourse)).

You can take an antibody test now as an excellent indication.
no with protection
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and also my body tem is 97.3f and below in last one mouth
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If you were protected, you didn't have a risk and don't need to get tested.

Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
thank dear but that symptoms is killing me in last one month in last one month i not eating properly
and i feel like fever but my body tem is always normal  not seen more than 98f
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Your following posts won't change the advice you already received from sleeplessnights34.
You tested negative at 4 weeks.
Was it a 4th generation test?
If so it is mostlikely a true indication of your status.
If not, it is still a very good indication because detectable hiv antibodies are not to far behind the start of ARS.
Cdc still recommends a final test at 3 months to be sure.
To calm your anxiety test now as you were again advised.
I believe you are just under 9 weeks. A test now is very unlikely to change.
How you feel could be caused by many things.
A negative now should rid you of so much anxiety.
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Long turm joint pain is related to ars
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i have test on today in 4th generation AG/AB After exporser it is 9th week it is conclusion
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my 9 week negative test is conclusion ?
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Didn't you say you had protection ???  Did you wear a condom during intercourse ??? If YES, you had no risk, and you didn't need to get tested.

If NO ((you didn't wear a condom for intercourse)), then your 9-week negative is an excellent indication and won't change, but take one more antibody test at 12 weeks for a conclusive result.

Either way, stop worrying.
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He said on his reply that it was unprotected.

veerw1, trust this result.
VERY unlikely to change.

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Sorry I incorrectly read 3 words.
My apologies to veerw1 and sleeplessnights34.
If your condom was a latex you are fine and should look elsewhere for your issues.
Anxiety and stress can bring down our immune system.
Post in the appropriate forum for any other STD concern you may have. You can move on from hiv.
You tested negative after protected sex.
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