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Afraid- needle stick

Last night I was travelling back from Paris, my friends and I got really drunk (had about 6 beers each) and I was so intoxicated that I couldn't even step up onto this ledge that enclosed the coach park. Anyway, I crawled up onto it and went beside the coach and noticed blood coming straight out of my finger- there was loads! I has a small mark on my finger and some black marks next to the scratch as well. I am worried this was a needle (even though I didn't feel anything at the time).

I also dropped a pack of beers on my finger earlier before this, and the beer top sort of scraped my finger (but I didn't see any bleeding at this point). Just really anxious about this so if you can provide anything that'd be great.

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Thanks for replying, its just that I was bleeding and I was ike what could have caused this- instantly thought it was a needle.
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What im really asking is will a finger cut begin to bleed again if pressure is applied to the site about 20 minutes after the scratch first occured? And would you feel a needlestick if you were drunk? Do I need to test for hiv/ hepatitis

Thank you, I am very anxious at this time!
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The kind of needle that would pose a risk would be a syringe  where the virus can stay protected in the bore of the needle. Other kinds of needles don't pose a risk since blood or fluids would be exposed to air and the virus would become inactive ((HIV cannot be transmitted outside the body)).
So, in the extremely unlikely case that it was a needle, still no risk. Had someone tried to stick you with a syringe, you would have known.
You don't need to get tested. try to stop thinking about this, it's not a realistic fear.
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You don't have an HIV concern. HIV cannot be transmitted by inanimate objects even in the VERY unlikely scenario that your cut came into contact with HIV infected fluids.
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I am worried because I don't know what caused the bleeding. I am afraid I came into contact with a needle when I was drunk.
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