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Alere combo rapid 4th gen and abbott architect ab/ag i1000sr are conclusive?

Hello doctor,
I would like to know if alere combo rapid (finger prick) 4th generation test at 21 days and 35 days after exposure and negative results conclusive? After 45 days tested again CMIA screening Hiv1,Hiv2 non reactive and after 52 days tested with abbott architech i1000sr and result was non reactive. Are all these test conclusive? Hoping for your prompt reply and thank you.

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You have conclusively tested negative, you do not need any further testing.

Testing out beyond 6 weeks is outdated unless you live in remote places of Zambia or Mozambique etc. which might not have access to II or higher generation of HIV tests, it is certainly not the case even in those parts of the world.

I would suggest you to work with a counselor who would is up to date with HIV information.

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Thank you very much mike_no  and  AnxiousNoMore for your valuable answers of my querries. This website is very reliable and very helpful to  relieved my anxiety and the rest rest of people who are reading  this thread. Godbless you all and continue to give guidance to the needy.  Thanks again!
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Yes, you were given a 4th Generation HIV test that looks for p24 antigen protein and antibody reactions in tandem.

This test was done using CMIA technology, which is FDA approved. This test is conclusive at 28 days or later from the date of exposure.

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Sorry to ask again. Regarding my exposure for unprotected viginal sex with sex worker, do i need further test as what my counselor recommended? I know you have a clear answer from my previous question. Thank you again and your answers were very helpful.
You don't double test everything when you go to your doctor for an annual checkup so this situation is no different.
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As ANM said,  combo is conclusive after 28 days.  So you need to stop and move on from HIV fear.

My advise, always use condoms for anal and vaginal sex.  
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Additional info of my first question. The exposure was unprotected viginal sex with sex worker of unknown hiv status.
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A combo is conclusive after 28 days so it is abnormal to test repeatedly for the same disease. Further testing will indicate hiv phobia for which you need to see a therapist.
One last question. Is abbott architect combo ag/ab  is a 4th generation? The conselor have no idea about this and recommended me to re test after 3mos.
Abbott architech combo ag/ab i1000sr is a 4th generation? Just to be specific. Thank you.
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