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Am I at risk of HIV with condom use but vaginal fluids on hands?

I currently have hepatitis B for a few years now and I have never taken medications.
I recently had protected sex with a sex worker in Nigeria who may have HIV.
While cleaning my penis after the sex, I may gotten vaginal fluids on my hands.
When I got home,20 minutes later,I washed my hands, and somehow may have gotten vaginal fluids to trickle with the water into a wound on the top of my hand that was still healing.
Two weeks later, I have developed persistent fever, White tongue, body aches and a slight red rash on my right cheek.
I have taken malaria and typhoid drugs all to no avail.
Was I at risk for HIV? Am I experiencing ars symptoms?
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You had no risk because you used a condom. Any fluids exposed to ambient air will not survive long enough to cause an infection. Your symptoms are irrelevant.
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I don't understand why I am getting persistent low grade fever which get high at night.
Along with body aches and nausea too.

My tongue has gone white.
I don't know if it is due to the antibiotics I am taking or because of anxiety.
Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV because only risk factor and subsequent test results would confirm a possibility of infection. If you're not feeling well then go see a doctor, but you've already ruled out HIV as a cause due to not having been exposed.
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The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV dug needles.  Air inactivates the virus.  Any semen on your hand with or without cuts or anything of the sort then touching your penis with or without cuts would not transmit the virus.  

As to your symptoms, have you been to the doctor?  These could also in all seriousness be symptoms of being highly anxious.  I would go to the doctor with an open mind and explore the mental health aspect to your having the health issues. You don't have and can't get HIV from your exposure you discuss here.  
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