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Am I at risk?

Hello, last week I went with a friend to a gay party. There were many people around having sex, though I went just to look. Suddenly a man who was masturbating nearby came from my behind and grabbed my butt hardly. He even touched my intergluteal cleft, though I do not think he did touch my anus but he was very close. He probably had semen in his hands (his own or someone else's). I quickly twisted my body and told him I was just there to look and did not do anything. I am sorry for being so descriptive. I have been very worried as I do not know this man and his behaviour. Am I at risk? If so, what are the chances? Looking forward for your reply, thanks!
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bro, you aren't at risk, hiv transmissal must go through areas where there are no air and oxygen, that's why it needs to transfer in tight areas liek the uretha and mucus membrane! no risk
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hiv transmission REQUIRES penetration.  it happens INSIDE the body, when a penis has penetrated a vagina / anus.

you had NO risk and do NOT need testing.
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